8. Death Another Child

Mormon Emma SmithEmma and Joseph Smith experienced great grief at the loss of Don Carlos in 1840. To help ease Emma’s grief, Joseph asked one of the women in the area who had had twin girls if he could bring one of the babies home to be with his wife for a time. The mother agreed, as long as Joseph brought the baby back to her each night.One day Joseph did not return the baby at the usual time, and the mother became worried. She went to the Smith home, she found Joseph holding the baby on his knee and singing to her. He had been late because the baby was fussy, and he was trying to calm her before he brought her back home.The next morning Joseph came to pick up the baby again. The mother handed him the other baby. Many people said that the twin girls looked so much alike that they could not tell them apart, but as Joseph was handed the baby he said, “This is not my little Mary.”1 Joseph was given the other baby and took her home. After Emma’s health returned, Joseph did not take the baby home with him each day, but he would often stop by to sing to her and play with her.See the next page in the timeline series.

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1 Parry, Stories About Joseph Smith the Prophet, pp. 25-27. As told by Margaret McIntyre Burgess.
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